Hey, I'm Jess

Once upon a time, I was a full-time working mom who  turned into a full-time stay at home mom who loved being home but also craved creativity and an outlet to call my own.  After trying a bunch of different things found calligraphy and lived happily ever after. THE-END. Well, not really…

Just in case you’re looking for a little more context, here’s my story…

In my previous life I used to be a promo video editor for a cable TV network. I loved my job, it was fun and creative but back in 2015, two major events happened in my life that changed everything, I randomly got viral meningitis in September, was hospitalized for a week (spoiler alert…I survived), and developed photophobia which didn’t allow me to work on computer screens for a month. When I finally got back to work, I got laid-off a week before Thanksgiving (true story). Next thing I know, I’m suddenly a SAHM, about to have a second (and then later a 3rd baby) and while I loved being home…something was missing. I missed creating!

So I spent the last few years trying new creative outlets while juggling the growth of my family and my new role as a SAHM. I went from from knitting, which I love, direct sales with makeup, which I discovered through that experience, that I love halloween makeup and I’m actually pretty good at it (but don’t ask me to do a smokey eye), and I even started gardening, which I still love to do.

Then I found calligraphy and my heart swooned! It brought me right back to a space of just creating and refining and learning and I was hooked! There is something so special about a hand lettered piece of art that turns it into an unforgettable keepsake and thus….my business was born! 

So, let's work together!

I would love to take your idea and turn it into a memorable keepsake.

some fun Facts about me
I'm an avid gardener and knitter
I know how to fold fitted sheets
I'm super into health and fitness
I jet skied around the island of Bora Bora
My favorite cocktail is a margarita on the rocks with salt.